Robert Williams III

Suwanee, Georgia

I have known Bernard for 15 years. As a student and volunteer for Bernard, I have grown to appreciate him as an amazing spiritual leader, professional speaker, trainer, motivator and personal consultant. Bernard has an effective way to communicate his messages in a manner that is easily understood and applied to any situation. His messages have always been, and remain a pillar of support for many major decisions in my life. I am honored to recommend Bernard Smalls as a true professional trainer, consultant and mentor to any person or organization.

Norm Alexander

Greater Atlanta Area

Trust me when I say this, Bernard is the kind of person you want on your team! He has a wealth of knowledge and life experience that can not be purchased at any price. Bernard can add fun and excitement to any encounter, and his wisdom will guide you to make good decisions.



Hello Bernard,

The book was delivered today (ABC of Faith).  Thank you !

I start to see something is happening, some sort of spiritual awakening is happening globally.  The signs are everywhere today.  More and more people understand they have some sort of creative power.  I think it started full blown around the time of the presidential elections in US.  It is especially happening in young people.  Everywhere is an understanding of why people are suffering and that one can do something about it through "right thinking".  It shows that Atlanta New Thought was really pioneering and on track.  It looks like the planet is going to the next level.  Once one understands that all material processes, in fact ALL processes have a non material origin, it is no longer strange to think this way.  In short the general idea that not seeing  is believing but believing is seeing becomes main stream.  

When I look around, there is a battle going on between those who accept this new insight is for everybody and those who want to keep it for themselves. I think that our generation -within our lifetime- and I think quite soon, we will see some great things happening.  A lot of turmoil is being created right now, but finally good will come out of this.

Do you see an acceleration too ?

All the best my friend


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