The Training 4 Reigning Program is a supernatural wealth prosperity pak. It  is a combination of 5 ebooks to equip you for being a successful, effective believer. This package was created from the study notes and messages by Bernard from decades of research and includes:  40 Days of Faith, ABCs of Faith, Forty Days of Success, Great Wealth Transfer and Financial Inversion by Bernard.

  • 40 Days of Faith is a training manual for developing your faith with 40 lessons, suggested Bible readings and positive affirmations.
  • ABCS of Faith teaches in detail (over 200 pages) the three most important things you need to know about faith.
  • Forty Days of Success teaches practical principles of success motivation, positive thinking and the laws of success especially good for business, sales or high performing individuals.
  • The Great Wealth Transfer is preparation for the greatest transfer of wealth, property and goods in the history of the world, based on Proverbs 13:22.
  • Financial Inversion is picture of the near future and an analysis and explanation of a prophetic word from 1978 regarding the Great Wealth Transfer. This ebook is mainly  Biblical support for the timing of the Great Wealth Transfer.

This program is designed for perfecting the saints for maturity in the areas of faith, prosperity and Biblical success. Each book is a training manual with workshops, thinkshops and note pages for insight. This package is excellent for equipping the saints for the work!

Training 4 Reigning! Prosperity Pak!

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